Wudang Sword Form – The Jian

Sword Form


Technique No. Technique Name. Approx no. of body movements
1. Ready Style, Tai Chi beginning style
2. Grasping bird’s tail
3. Golden needle pointing South
4. Passing the sword style
5. Spreading the sword style
6. Hanging the sword style
7. Intercepting the sword style
8. Rhinoceros watching the moon
9. Step up to protect the knee
10. Swivel and dot
11. Turn back and stab
12. Hanging the golden bell upside down
13. Point to the trousers with the sword
14. Male & female phoenix spreading wings
15. Shooting star chasing the moon
16. Li Gwong shooting an arrow at the tiger
17. The wheel on the left and the right
18. Fisherman casting his net
19. Spin around and rein in the horse
20. Step up and move towards the door
21. Step back coiled dragon
22. Face the door sword
23. Yellow dragon turning right
24. Pui Kung cleaving a snake
25. Shooting star chasing the moon
26. Li Gwong shooting an arrow at a tiger
27. Embracing the moon
28. Pierce the heart
29. Step back and tease the genitals
30. Tiger lying in front of the door
31. Steersman rowing the boat
32. Rowing the boat with the current
33. An immortal pointing the way
34. Dot red between the eyebrows
35. Cross the knees and chop
36. Step up to tease the genitals
37. Embracing the moon
38. Pierce the heart
39. Hang the bamboo basket on the left & right
40. Fairy damsel throwing a needle
41. Turn back raising the writing brush *
42. Face the door sword
43. Tiger lying in front of the door
44. Catching a giant tortoise from bottom of sea
45. God of literature raising the wine vessel *
46. Swing the arm back with the sword
47. Turn the body and plant the sword
48. Flick the whip on the left & right
49. White gibbon offering fruit
50. Tiger lying in front of the door
51. Fallen petals waiting for the broom
52. Tiger lying in front of the door
53. Turn back to put on armour
54. Swivel with the sword
55. Encircling the moon style
56. Single whip style
57. Hanging the golden bell upside down
58. Sweep a thousand soldiers on the left & right
59. Advance and point to the trousers
60. Scaly dragon hiding and about to fly
61. Green dragonfly touching water
62. Swivel and tease the genitals ** complete up to here
63. Returning horse carrying a bell
64. Embracing the moon
65. Rowing the boat with the current
66. Flying oblique style
67. Advance and chop with the sabre
68. Swivel and chop
69. Searching the sea
70. Sweeping a thousand soldiers
71. Shooting star chasing the moon
72. Chop the tiger
73. Cloud dragon playing in the water
74. Swivel and chop
75. Advance and chop
76. Hiding the sabre style
77. Pierce the heart
78. Picking a star on the left
79. Return the sabre style
80. Brush knee twist step
81. Tai Chi in unity
82. Finishing style
Just like open hand tai chi combat, there are eight uses of force with the sword.
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