Sunday 3rd Sept 2017 – Workshop in Stockport

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Workshop in Stockport with Master Dan Docherty, hosted by Chris Henney – 11.30 – 4pm

Topics –

Before Lunch :

  • Hand Form practise – DAO QUAN
    • Corrections – Twisting hands during transitions to brush knee twist step, full 180 degree hands during white crane flaps wings
  • Swinging punch, separate arms, come underneath, fold arm towards attacker, lock arm and bow away from attacker to bend/lock/throw – Left Drape Body- SAN SHOU
  • Swinging punch, separate arms, this time cross hands, grab the wrist, slide other hand underneath the elbow and turn the arm over, grab neck and control attacker – Right Drape Body- SAN SHOU
  • Straight punch – defender pulls attacker down, attacker resists, raise arm – Snake Creeps Down 2nd part – SAN SHOU
  • Straight punch – Snake Creeps Down – SAN SHOU
  • Straight punch – Step Back to Beat the Tiger – SAN SHOU
  • pressing against the chest, spiralling arms, wrap up and push away
  • advancing to press against the chest, as above
  • grab to the side, hit the groin – if attacker has forward leg in front of us, we step out round, spiral arms and press
  • grab to the side, hit the groin – if attacker has forward leg behind us, we step behind, spiral arms and push over our horse stance leg.
  • Punch to the head from the side – seven star step forward, in front of the attacker, coming in under the punch and upper cutting the attacker – Swing the Fist(high), from the long form
  • Cai Lang – Uprooting the wave – theory – applications with up and down motions.

Nei Gung:

  • First four exercises

After Lunch :

  • Sword Form practise with corrections – BING QI
  • Sword Applications – SAN SHOU
    • Cloud Signal Flag Three Times
    • Advance with Reverse Cut
  • Spear Application – Lying Tiger Diving Dragon  – SAN SHOU
  • Hand Form

Keep Practising and Enjoy.


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