Wudang Spear Form – The Qiang

Spear Form

Technique No. Technique Name. Approx no. of body movements
1. Ready style (2)
2. Beginning style (4)
3. Facing the wind, blowing the willow (2)
4. The waves going up and down (5)
5. Obstructing the river to intercept the dipper (2)
6. Green dragon stretching it’s claw (1)
7. Giant python turning it’s head (2)
8. Golden dragon swinging it’s tail (3)
9. Giving the horse it’s head while chasing enemies (11)
10. The black eared kite flies and the fish leaps (3)
11. Golden cockerel nodding it’s head (2)
12. A white rainbow soaring over the sun (2)
13. Lying tiger, dividing dragon (3)
14. Plum blossom opens five petals (4)
15. Celestial horse walks the skies (4)
16. Tai Chi Completion Style (3)
Practising the spear is said to promote wisdom.
Just like open hand tai chi combat, there are eight uses of force with the spear. The first four are the same as open hand, but the final four are slightly different.
In addition to the 8 methods of force, the spear can be used with the butt or body of the spear to strike or push an opponent.
The object is to keep the opponent at spear’s length; at the point of the spear ideally. Once an attacker comes inside this range, the spearman is at a disadvantage, which is when the above comes into play.
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