Wudang Short Form Round

Short Form Round

Technique No. Technique Name.
1. Tai Chi at rest / Wu Ji
2. Ready style / Tai Ji
3. Beginning style
4. Seven stars style
5. Grasping bird’s tail
6. Single whip
7. Cloud hands
8. Pat the horse high
9. Turn the body to face the left / left drape body
10. Right foot kicks out in a curve
11. Step back seven stars style
12. Step back to beat the tiger
13. Twist the body and kick
14. Box the ears
15. Turn the body to face the right / right drape body
16. Raise left leg and kick out in a curve
17. Turn on the heel and kick with the heel
18. Brush knee twist step
19. Step forward and punch down
20. Step back swing fist
21. Step back snake creeps down
22. Step up seven stars
23. Step back to ride the tiger
24. Slap the face
25. Double hand sweeps lotus leg
26. Draw the bow to shoot the tiger
27. Step back repulse monkey
28. Seven stars style
29. Stroke the lute
30. Parry and punch
31. As if shutting a door
32. Embrace tiger and return to mountain
33. Tai Chi in unity
34. Completion
Short form round is a much more rounded, circular and fluid version of the square form. This is traditional Tai Chi Forms
The roundness of Tai Chi forms is brought in now that the student has mastered the form in square mode/style.
Not only is the form done very rounded and circular, but it’s now done at different speeds throughout; speeding up and slowing down, depending on the technique.
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