Tui Shou 推手 – Pushing Hands

Pushing Hands is a section of the Tai Chi Chuan syllabus. Pushing hands always involved two persons and are either predefined drills or a freestyle practice of technique. Training in understanding jin (勁) – force. This includes 13 tactics (十三勢) which comprises the 8 forces (八勁) and 5 steps (五步), ting jin (聽勁) – listening for jin, hua jin (化勁) – using jin to redirect the opponents jin and fa jin (發勁) – discharging jin.

Pushing Hands Drills - fixed step - 定步

  • 4 Directions (四正推手) – Peng, Lu, Ji, An (掤,(手履),擠,按)
  • Zhou Lu (肘履推手)
  • Fu Yang (俯仰推手) – bow down, look up
  • Reeling Silk (纏絲推手)

Pushing Hands Drills - moving step - 活步

  • Da Lu (大履步) – big diversion – Cai, Lie, Zhou, Kao (採,(手列),肘,靠)
  • 9 Palace Step (九宮步推手)
  • 7 Stars Step (七星步推手)
  • Gather the Wave (採浪推手)

Pushing Hands Drills - Training Exercises

  • single hand pushing hands (單推手)
  • push absorption training
  • fixed step pushing hands (自由定步推手)
  • restricted step pushing hands (自由限步推手)
  • moving step pushing hands (自由活步推手)
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