Wudang Advanced Short Form

Advanced Short Form

Technique No. Technique Name.
1. Tai Chi at rest
2. Ready position
3. Beginning style
4a. Step aside flying oblique low
4b. Step aside flying oblique high
5. Raise hands step up
6. White crane flaps wings
7. Embrace tiger and return to mountain
8. Cross hands
9. Oblique brush knee twist step
10. Turn body brush knee twist step
11. Seven stars style right
12. Grasping the bird’s tail
13. Oblique single whip
14. Under elbow under fist
15. Seven stars style left
16. Needle at sea bottom
17. Fan through the back
18. Turn body swing fist
19. Right drape body
20. Left separate legs
21. Turn round and kick with heel
22. Parting wild horse’s mane left and right
23. Fair lady works at shuttle left and right
24. Cross, single hand sweep lotus leg
25. Punch the groin
26. Turn body swing fist
27. Step up, pat the horse high
28. Step up grasping bird’s tail
29. Single whip
30. Snake creeps down
31. Golden cockerel on one leg
32. White snake puts out its tongue
33. Golden cockerel on one leg
34. Step back to beat the tiger, left
35. Twist the body and kick
36. Step back to strike the tiger, right
37. Tai chi in unity
38. Completion
Advanced Short Form encorporates all techniques, learnt in the Long Form, and compresses them into a single Short Form.
The roundness of Tai Chi forms is brought in now that the student has mastered the form in square mode/style.
Not only is the form done very rounded and circular, but it’s now done at different speeds throughout; speeding up and slowing down, depending on the technique.
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